Here at Metro Data we stock a large variety of parts to get your computer fixed and returned to you as soon as possible.

Desktop PCs

We service all makes and models of PCs running either Windows or Linux operating systems.  Our staff services machines ranging from 386s to i7s and operating systems from DOS to Windows 7 as well as many flavors of Linux.  Whether you have a virus, your computer is running slow, or maybe it won't turn on after last night's thunderstorm - our staff can assist in the repair of your computer.


Broken power jack got you down?  Cracked screen?  Let us fix it for you!  We service laptops of all makes and models and can repair or replace internal power jacks, replace broken LCD/LED screens or even replace your laptop's motherboard if need be.  Let us be your one-stop laptop shop!


We also repair servers and can assist in repairing damaged raid configurations and replacing faulty hardware as well as fixing problems caused by improper software configurations.  We repair servers ranging from NT 3.5.1 to Server 2008 as well as many flavors of Linux.

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 For more information, call 410-667-3600.