Exploits Discovered - Published CVE-2017-18285

Security News - Mar 26, 2019

Title: Gentoo app-backup/burp root privilege escalation via writable config
Author: Michael Orlitzky
Fixedin: Partially addressed in commits 25a4b59e and 5cd39164. Fully fixed in commits 4b3a76d6, 2faf0fcb, and version 2.1.32-r1.


Prior to version 2.1.32-r1, the Gentoo app-backup/burp package gives ownership of its configuration directory to the daemon's runtime group. That can be exploited by the runtime user (and other members of the group) to gain root privileges, because the OpenRC service script grants the group write access to a path defined in the main burp configuration file.

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Complete details here: http://michael.orlitzky.com/cves/cve-2017-18285.xhtml

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