Basic free email services can be found with the likes of Yahoo and Google. But what happens when someone sends an attachment that's too big or you need service related support? Do you really want to wait on the phone for hours on end just to speak to someone with a heavy accent? Consider some of the benefits of using Metro Data to host your email:

  • We don't set limits on the size or amount of email you can send or receive
  • All email is sent securely over SSL and is HIPAA compliant
  • We're locally owned and operated. Our accents are from Baltimore hon
  • We make nightly backups of all email on our servers
  • Your mail is accessible over the web the same as it is with the big guys
  • We can do tracing of your email from end to end and tell you why those TPS reports never made it to Peter Gibbons in accounting.

We also offer filtering services to stop the constant flow of junk mail before it ever makes it into your inbox. Let Metro Data be your one stop shop for your email and all your other I.T. needs!

Under no circumstances should you send an email to .

 For more information, call 410-667-3600