Metro Manage I.T. proactively monitors of your systems, keeping them up to date and healthy.

Most I.T. support companies work on the 'break-fix' model where they're getting paid when your network fails.  Their entire business model is based on getting paid when you experience downtime & when you lose access to your critical business services.

The difference with our "Metro Manage I.T." model is that we are proactively monitoring your systems and keeping them up to date and healthy.  This model works out well for both parties.  It enables Metro Data to fix problems before they escalate into crises, and it enables our clients to budget for their I.T. costs up front while decreasing overall downtime.

With the right combination of World Class monitoring and management tools, as well as our industry leading preventative maintenance approach, our "Metro Manage I.T." program will dramatically reduce the negative business impact of network downtime by minimizing both the duration and volume of I.T. failures.  Our clients experience highly reliable and stable networks that allow them to focus on the critical business services that drive their businesses.

Does any of this Sound Familiar?

  • Inability to deliver critical business services
  • Lost productivity costs due to downtime
  • Soaring I.T. Costs
  • No predicable I.T. budget
  • No budget for dedicated resources
  • Being nickle-and-dimed for I.T. services and support
  • Network issues, who owns the problem?
  • Staff members wearing the help-desk hat
  • Management involvement on network issues

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