Our staff of highly qualified engineers can assist you in the purchasing and deployment of solutions tailored to your software and hardware needs. Metro Data has partnered with some of the industry's leading suppliers to bring you not only quality but affordability.

A member of our team will consult with you to determine the project requirements.  We help to spec out the hardware (speed, storage capacity, redundancy), the hypervisor (physical, VMWare, Xen, HyperV), the operating system (Windows or Linux), and down to the specific software constraints (SQL, CRM, Quickbooks, etc).  We have clients in every industry - construction, law, healthcare, service, education, and more. We are familiar with a great number of common industry software packages and their requirements. 

Once deployed, the same team members will be with you for the life of your server to provide maintenance and upgrades as necessary.  Together with our managed IT services we can monitor your systems and receive real time alerts to trouble before they cause problems or worse yet - downtime.  When we deploy a server we include enough horsepower and storage to last for the anticipated life of the server but unforseen circumstances can arise.  In that event, we can help guide you through the most cost effective path with the least amount of downtime for the organization.

As a server nears its end-of-life, we will provide notify you to give you time to plan for a replacement.  We understand that servers need to be budgeted many months in advance.  We can then work together to migrate or decomission services as necessary.

Under no circumstances should you send an email to ackbar@viabit.com .

 For more information, call 410-667-3600.