A loss of critical data can be crippling to businesses. Studies have shown that 93 percent of companies that experience a significant loss in data never recover*. In fact, within 5 years their doors close.

Proper backup of critical information can be an overwhelming task. Companies are responsible for determining what files and records should be supported and for what duration. Experts in business technology, Metro Data, Inc. has the experience to provide consultation in business continuance planning and the skills to assist as the decided strategy is executed.

Offsite backup options ensure the protection of corporate data. With Metro Data, Inc., backup software is utilized to compress and encrypt data.  Data can then be transferred to a variety of off-site data centers.

With Metro Data, Inc. backup options, businesses can rest easy knowing the correct compliance regulations are being followed and data is never compromised. Cut costs and reduce your risks of facing a significant loss of data with our backup services.

*Jones, R., Kowalk, M., Miller, P., Tarrant, R. (2000). Critical incident protocol: a public and private partnership. Michigan State University

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