Metro Data, Inc. helps Oregon Public Broadcasting with PBS show "History Detectives"

Business News (Hunt Valley, Maryland) - Jul 05, 2006

Metro Data, Inc. helps Oregon Public Broadcasting with PBS show "History Detectives" by providing and research for one of their upcoming episodes.

Oregon Public Broadcasting Mission Statement: giving voice to the community, connecting Oregon and its neighbors, illuminating a wider world.


About History Detectives TV Show

History Detectives is a documentary television series on PBS. It features investigations made by members of a small team of researchers to identify and/or authenticate items which may have historical significance or connections to important historical events, and to answer specific questions brought to them about these artifacts. Common subjects are family heirlooms and historical structures. Its stated missions is "exploring the complexities of historical mysteries, searching out the facts, myths and conundrums that connect local folklore, family legends and interesting objects."

Over its first decade, the series featured a team of several "detectives": originally Wes Cowan, Elyse Luray, Gwen Wright, and Tukufu Zuberi, later joined by Eduardo Pagán. Following a hiatus, the program returned in summer 2014 in a different format, with hosts Zuberi and Cowan joined by Kaiama Glover, as History Detectives: Special Investigations

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