Metro Data, Inc. launches national "Emergency Responder Expo" web site

Business News - Jan 06, 2014

Metro Data, Inc. launches Emergency Responders Exposition web site (  This annual exposition serves the nationwide "Emergency Responder" community by providing hands-on learning and promoting the sharing of ideas and discussion of best practices. 

About the Preparedness, Emergency Response, and Recovery Consortium and Exposition (PERRC)

The Preparedness, Emergency Response, and Recovery Consortium and Exposition (PERRC) is sponsored by the Chesapeake Health Education Program, Inc (CHEP).

It is the mission of this consortium to bring together healthcare, medical, public health and volunteer emergency management personnel involved in disaster recovery and response efforts representing the governmental, public and private sectors to discuss shared practices in preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. This forum will provide a hands-on, adult learning environment promoting the sharing of ideas and discussion of best practices.

Subject matter experts present interactive forums, sharing lessons learned during times of response and recovery in emergencies, affecting community and healthcare infrastructure, as well as discuss best practices in planning and mitigation. Focus is placed on coordination and collaboration between the various organizations and stakeholders contributing to disaster preparedness, healthcare response, rescue and evacuation, sheltering in place, and recovery operations.

Our vision is to provide an educational opportunity building upon existing knowledge and skills, thus fostering a well-trained alliance of emergency support function responders / receivers to serve their communities, States, Tribes, and the Nation.

About Metro Data, Inc.

Founded in 1994, Metro Data, Inc. is a leading information systems & services firm that works exclusively with business clients to develop and apply customized technology solutions that accomplish a client's strategic goals.

Businesses have chosen Metro Data, Inc. to help keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.  Metro Data, Inc.’s "end-to-end" experience helps their customers to secure their systems, reduce costs, and improve their business information systems performance.

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