Metro Data, Inc. President interviewed by Fox45 TV, WBFF Baltimore.

Business News - Nov 30, 2017


Bert Orlitzky, President of Metro Data, Inc. was interviewed by reporter John Rydell of Fox45 TV, WBFF Baltimore and appeared on the evening newscast.

The newscast topic covered the Anne Arundel County School system, which recently had their paychecks "hacked" by way of a sophisticated phishing scam.  

Metro Data, Inc. has been providing information security (infosec) services for many years, and recently decided to formally "brand" that aspect of their data security services as the: Data Incident Response Team (D.I.R.T.).  Why the DIRT?  Because the Internet can surely be a very dirty place. 

From a single PC breach to an enterprise-wide compromise, Metro Data's team will work rapidly and thoroughly in each phase of a breach incident: Respond, Identify, Contain, Eradicate, Recover, and Post-Incident Review.

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