Metro Data to support U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Business News (Hunt Valley, Maryland) - Sep 05, 2015

Metro Data, Inc. today announced that they have been contracted to support to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers (MIRECC) Clinical Tracking System (CTS) and Social Skills Training (SST) Course.  Metro Data, Inc. will provide ongoing technical support and development of the system on an as needed basis for the Clinical Tracking System CTS as technical assistance is requested from the MIRECC staff involved in the Social Skills Training Workshops. Support includes Help Desk support and Administration of the CTS application

The Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers (MIRECC) were established by Congress with the goal of researching the causes and treatments of mental disorders and using education to put new knowledge into routine clinical practice in the VA. Social Skills Training (SST) is a treatment procedure that has been developed to directly address social problem-solving skills deficits with the goal of enhancing social functioning.  It is a highly structured educational procedure that employs didactic instruction, breaking skills down into discrete steps, modeling, behavioral rehearsal (role-playing), and social reinforcement. During the 6-month consultation period, trainees are asked to audio tape SST sessions and submit tapes to a designated VA-SST consultant via the Clinical Tracking System (CTS) for feedback.

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